Maitreya EcoVillage
An Environmentally Innovative Intentional Community
Five Minutes (by bicycle) from the center of Eugene, Oregon, USA
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     Maitreya EcoVillage seeks to be a model of sustainable, cooperative and joyful living in an urban environment.

  • To be a residential community small enough and with enough positive opportunities for connection that members know each other well, and turn to each other for friendship and support. [strategies]
  • To be a community in which each person feels that he or she can influence the direction of the community. [strategies]
  • To create local, small-scale businesses which promote our values while providing living wages. [strategies]
  • To improve our food supply by growing organic produce ourselves, and by fostering exchange relations with local farmers. [strategies]
  • To reduce our waste by using less, sharing more, recycling, and using waste products from one system as energy for another system. [strategies]
  • To move towards living more sustainably by considering environmental costs in our choices of what we use, and by reducing our use of non-renewable energy and other resources. [strategies]
  • To nurture our bodies, minds and spirits by hosting concerts, dances, classes, discussions, yoga, meditation circles and other opportunities. [strategies]
  • To practice communication skills that help us live together cooperatively, growing though our differences. [strategies]
  • To balance our needs for human connection with our needs for personal autonomy. [strategies]
  • To make our spaces beautiful. [strategies]
  • To share what we've learned with others by offering workshops, presentations, apprenticeship, hospitality and tours. [strategies]
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